Enhancement Update for Zonefone – 5th Edition Nokias and SMS Texting!

Last month we updated you on Talkfree’s announcement of supporting Nokia 5th edition phones, today Talkfree released a press release on 5th edition phones and a new SMS enhancement for the Zonefone Mobile dialer!

Summary of points below:

– Now Zonefone supports the S60 5th Edition, Symbian OS version 9.4 Nokia mobile phone models and Short Message Service (SMS).  Zonefone can be used with nearly the entire Nokia S60 phone series, including popular models X6, N97 and 5800 XpressMusic.

These new edition phones are selling fast in the Middle East and Africa, which are strong markets for TalkFree. Indeed, the carrier uses its mobile VoIP platform to complete more than 500,000 calls originating in these markets daily.

– Additionally, TalkFree has integrated SMS functionality into its existing mobile VoIP platform. With Zonefone, the carrier’s resellers now can give their customers the ability to send international SMS messages at a fraction of the rate charged by traditional wireless carriers. “The same application that empowers our customers to make affordable calls using their mobile phone and VoIP now allows them to send affordable international SMS,” says Jean Templin, director, product marketing for TalkFree.

Link to press release on Talkfree website:   http://talkfree.com/service-enhancements.php#

    • MADA
    • September 17th, 2010


    • MADA
    • September 17th, 2010


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