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Zonefone Dialer Now Available Over the Android Platform

Good news Zonefone fans, Talkfree just announced that they released a new version of Zonefone compatiable with Android handsets – ZonefonePro.

To download the dialer go to:

Below is a description from their Android marketplace page:

zonefone is a leading Symbian mobile VoIP dialer that is now available on the Android platform!  zonefonePro is a mobile application that lets you make affordable, high quality VoIP calls from your Android phone.

It’s the most user friendly and high quality international phone application available for calling India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, among other countries.  Simply use your existing zonefone account or contact a local reseller or agent today to get one.


UPDATE: Blocking Solution for Zonefone in UAE and Oman

TalkFree, developers of the Zonefone mobile dialer released a statement today on UAE and Oman blocking – details below:

TalkFree is aware of mobile dialer blocking in Oman and UAE.  We have been working around the clock to bring you a working solution.

Update – 6 am pm GMT -5:

We now have working dialer solutions for 1LegCall

  • A new download is required for Oman and UAE only. The newest version mobile dialers is version 2.07.
  • Please note, ONLY users in UAE and Oman will require a new download.  Other markets outside of UAE and Oman will not require a new download

Version 2.07 zonefone  Download sites:

Free SMS Text Messaging on Tuesdays over Zonefone

FREE SMS Messaging on Tuesdays using the Zonefone mobile dialer is back!

The promotion starts this Tuesday, January 18th and ends on Tuesday, February 8th. Free SMS Days begin and end based on 0 – 24 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Poll: What Other Phone Model is Most Needed for Zonefone?

Free SMS Fridays on Zonefone is Back!

FREE SMS Messaging on Fridays using the Zonefone mobile dialer is back!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one, but this promotion won’t last much longer, so take advantage before time runs out!

The promotion starts this Friday, October 22 and ends on November 19th. Days begin and end based on 0 – 24 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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